Frequently Asked Questions about the Advanced Second Year Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowships

I already have 5 years of training after medical school. Why would I want to do one of these second year fellowships?

The first year fellowship is by necessity a clinical fellowship covering the range of pediatric anesthesia practice. Modern clinical and non-clinical information and roles have expanded dramatically, and there is a need for some pediatric anesthesiologists to have specialized training to adequately prepare them for leadership roles in both academic and non-academic departments.

Is this second year of training required? Is it ACGME accredited?

The second year fellowship is optional; there are approximately one of these advanced fellowship pjositions available for every three first year fellows. The second year fellowships are not ACGME accredited, with the exception of several of the Pain fellowships.

Do all 53 ACGME Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowships offer the advanced second year fellowships?

No; 24 of the 53 ACGME programs will also offer at least one advanced second year fellowship.

When is the application deadline for these fellowships?

Deadlines vary by program and are often rolling; but early application is encouraged. See the Fellowship Listings for complete information.

I have financial needs that necessitate a higher salary than just the usual PGY-6 level. Will I be able to earn additional income during the advanced second year fellowship?

Many of the advanced fellowships allow or even require work as an attending anesthesiologist, and many do offer salaries above PGY-6 level. See the Fellowship Listings for details.

I am interested in doing a Research fellowship and I have heard that there is a program from the National Institutes of Health for loan repayment for researchers.
Do you have details?

For the Research fellowships, the National Institutes of Health Loan repayment program may be available, which pays up to $35,000 in student loan debt for every year of research. Details are available at

Can I apply for a second year advanced fellowship at a different institution than the one I am currently in for my first year ACGME Pediatric Anesthesia fellowship?

Yes, most of the advanced fellowships are open to applicants from outside institutions. See the Fellowship Listings for details.

Will the advanced second year fellowship help me get a good job in Pediatric Anesthesiology?

In the increasingly competitive job market for Pediatric Anesthesiology, the Pediatric Anesthesia Leadership Council feels that the specialized expertise of the second year advanced fellowship is a distinct advantage, and many departments in leading hospitals are giving preference to these candidates.

Will there be additional second year advanced fellowship institutions and fellowships in the future?

We anticipate that several more institutions that are developing advanced fellowships will formally join the network in the next several years. In addition, programs already offering some second year advanced fellowships are likely to add additional programs, and fellowship positions.

Will there be additional fellowship areas added in the future?

We are continuing to evaluate the possibility of offering second year advanced fellowships in Critical Care, OR Management/Leadership, and Global Health; but these will not be offered for the first year of the network. These programs may be already offered by some institutions; contact the Program Director listed on the Fellowship Listings for further details.